seed bombs in situ


MA Final Show, 2013

Working with earth, clay, and seeds I am looking at changes in our environment that lead to evolutionary change.

I use a combination of hand crafted techniques including sewing, stop frame film and sound to make links in time. Darwin’s words can be heard and his experiments seen through the filter of twenty first century perception.

Visitors may take away the seed bombs which contain wild meadow seeds.

seed bomb package


Below is some preliminary work for my MA which was not included in the final show



4 Months 157 Years from Jane Higginbottom on Vimeo.

1st April – 1st August 2013 (157 years)

August 2012 – Still images from stop frame film – when projected shown at approximate size 2ft x 2ft


Walking a Line Through Darwins’ Notes (top section)

June 2013 – 83cm x 23cm